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Nomads John Fulcher Memorial Trial Results :: Oct 2018


The 25th running of the John Fulcher Memorial Trial took place at Veels Ter Ver on 14th October 2018. The weather was somewhat windy with loud cracking noises from the pine trees causing a bit  of concern. The wind fortunately abated during the day and the trial got underway after the traditional moments silence with fourteen entries.

Nomads National Trials Report : Rounds 5 & 6 of the National Trials Championship 22nd & 23rd Sep 2018

Pro's, Experts and Intermediates

Though far outweighed by the benefits, one of the disadvantages of riding is that you don't get to see much of the Pro's in action except when you may catch up to them.

2018 Nationals legs 3 & 4 KZN

Come ride the KZN Nationals they said.  It will be fun they said.

Cold and wet, with water dripping out of my helmet and into my boots, and both knees and one elbow smarting and bleeding, I was not convinced.  And this was only my second time through section 2, with another two to go.

How do you avoid spark plug failure during a trial?

  1. Never leave your bike's fuel tap on when you are not riding.  This is especially important for the journey to a trial - the vibrations cause fuel to leak into the cylinder and wet the plug, and it becomes difficult or even impossible to start the bike.
  2. Use a new spark plug at the trial.  Nothing beats the ease of starting, the reluctance to stall, and the pure performance of a new spark plug.  Since plugs are about R35 each, it is worth it to have a new one every monthly trial.  One strategy is to fit a new plug for the trial, then swap it out

What oil/fuel mix should I use?

In a two-stroke trials bike, we generally use 15ml of two-stroke oil to 1l of petrol (i.e. in a 5 liter fuel can, add 75ml of oil, and in a 10l can add 150ml.

Follow the instructions in the bike's User Manual.

Also, be aware that not all two-stroke oils can operate at such low concentrations.  For example, Castrol Power1 Racing synthetic oil is not rated at such low concentrations.  I use Ravenol synthetic.  Be especially wary of cheap oils, but check whether an expensive oil is rated at 1:66 mix ratios.

What tyre pressures should a trials bike have?

Front: 0.5bar (50kPa)

Rear: 0.3bar (33kPa)

Naturally, this is average.  If you are riding on sand, mud or low traction surfaces, you can go lower than that.  If you are quite heavy, riding rocks and hard edges, or generally hard (aka a bit clumsy) on a trials bike, increase the pressure slightly to protect the rims.

2017 Overall National Scores

Pos Masters Round 1 Round 2 Round

Trials in South Africa 2017

Club Contact People:

  • Gauteng David Rhoodie 083 272 5353
  • Gauteng (TwinShock) Bruce Watts 082 443 8800
  • East London Ian Meaker 084 566 5920
  • Cape Town Brian Barson 084 222 1208

How does one score in trials?

The idea is that the person who puts his foot down (a dab) the least often is the winner.

Dabs (1 point)

Isn't Trials Dangerous?

Due to the slow speeds and grading of sections, trials is quite safe.  That is why we ride in t-shirts and open-face helmets.

Every competition or practice involves riding sections that are graded for the skill-level of the rider.  There are three basic skill levels, though in some regions there are intermediate levels between them:


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