2016 GVK Fun Trial

N.B.: Due to the heat and Valentines Day, we will probably run only 3 laps of 6 sections, and possibly only 2 laps.  Come early, let's start early and let's have a quick fun session.

Thanks to the 6 people who helped clean up sections for the Nationals in October and set the sections for the fun trial.  We only managed to do 6 sections, so that is what the trial this Sunday will be.

There are floating trophies for the winners of each class, sponsored by Gordon Verhoef & Krause (previous winners please bring them back after having your name engraved).  Also some lucky draw prizes for all competitors.

As before, we will be holding an Oset / Electric mini-trial for youngsters, starting at 9:15.  Last year this event was tremendous fun.

The farm is family-friendly, with shade, grass and ablutions provided by Sales Hire.  Bring your own refreshments/picnic.  It will probably be hot, and we will shorten the trial if conditions are too extreme (it is a fun trial after all).

For Beginners - what to expect:

  • Arrive around 9am, we have a riders' briefing just before 10am and start at 10am.  The children's trial starts at 9:15, so parents who are also riding can support their kids before the main trial.
  • There are 6 sections (they are short), and we will ride 4 laps through them (or 3 if it is too hot).  The beginners' line is called "clubman", and is set so that it is safe and does not require commitment.
  • The first lap is done together, because we all walk the section before riding it.  During the walk we explain the various lines and options, adjust obstacles if they are too difficult or dangerous, and plan our strategies.
  • At the end of each section is a sheet where you will enter your score.  We will explain scoring during the riders' briefing.
  • This is not a race - between laps you can have a break, drink some water, or ask for help/advice.
  • You will need a helmet, gloves, pants and boots.  A t-shirt is fine, though elbow-guards and knee-guards if you have them are a good idea.  One or two people wear body armour.
  • Most riders wear a camelbak.  One that has a strap around the waist is best.  I freeze mine the night before so that I have ice water.  Leave some space in the sack for the ice to expand as it freezes or you will end up with a burst.


  • R50 per bike - payable to Michael Krause
  • You will be required to sign an indemnity waiver


From Stellenbosch side ride 2km on bottelary road.  Turn left at J.Bonthuys Welgelegen farm (small dirt road through vineyard). Continue to T junction, turn left. At barn turn left and about 150m further a staggered intersection turn right into an open area next to a forest.  This is the spot.

From Cape Town:

  • N1 and turn off at Kraaifontein.  Turn right to cross over the N1 at the top of the offramp.
  • Drive all the way straight through Kraaifontein and two circles until you reach Bottelary road.
  • Turn left and ride about 2km to a right-turn onto a gravel road to Klipheuwel.
  • Drive about 3km straight until you reach Welgelegen farm gate.
  • Turn left past the barn, 150m to a staggered intersection.  Turn right and stop.

Keep the shiny side up and feet on the pegs.

Charles Oertel

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Looks like Sunday will be cooler, and there is rain forecast after 2pm (though we are expecting to be finished before then).