Club trial Esk

Rode a club trial at Esk in the Brisbane valley yesterday. Just north of the Wivenhoe dam. The same dam that was responsible to the Brisbane floods of 2011.

I am hopelessly unfit! Not enough bike time I'm afraid. Silly mistakes because of tiredness. It was a beautiful day, chilly in the morning warming to a balmy 20 (ish).  Without enough practice I opted for the clubby line but will hopefully and practice permitting, be upgrading to intermediates.

Sections were a good variety, mostly loose surface on very grippy rock. Eight sections 4 laps. Fifty five entries.



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Looks like the weather played along - sunny but not too hot.  It is amazing how much exercise riding a section or two is - and if you mention this to a non-dirt rider, they think you are nuts.

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Forearms, armpump. Call it what you want but I wasn't as strong as I thought I was. Bought some of them squeezy thingies from k-mart today. $3.00! But really I need time on the bike.

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