Electric Trials Bike - Advice on purchase


I am looking to puchase a new or 2nd hand electric trials bike for my 2 daughters to ride 10 & 12.  They currenty play with quads so have some bike sense.

It seems that 12 is the limit for electric bikes but I think they should play with until confident then I will consider petrol.  

I also have a TY80 which will get them used to gears before they progress to something bigger

Would like to hear views on Oset v's Beta 48V (seems the only options considering their age)


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The electric bikes are great for skill & backyard/quiet riding
They are very robust and popular.

The 20" 48v will suit best, for their age. They have plenty power, with 3 adjustable settings to tone it down.
There is a 24" in production, but waiting on delivery to SA. Great for adults too.
All components are of very high quality & are low maintenance

Oset has the biggest market share,  all parts & back up, is available in CT.

Keep an eye out for one or call me, I stock new & second hand ones

Zander 0828896533

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Good Morning,

I have a 20" Oset that is in good condition for sale if you are interested.

You can contact me on 0828293022.

Thanks and regards,