First Trial - Very special thanks

My first trials event ended half way through section 1. As I passed around the first set of flags my front wheel dipped down into a rut. The front bottomed out and the shock wave travelled through my arm to my shoulder causing it to dislocate. In the past I have always managed to push it back in myself but not this time? THANKS VERY MUCH George for trying to help the pain was just too intense. THANKS TO MARK for assisting, packing up and delivering my bike and car to the hospital. A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO MARY-ANNE for negotiating the roads so carefully and getting me to the Medi-Clinic.

Let me tell you, seeing my name on a syringe filled with morphine was truly a sweet moment. Later my shoulder was pushed back in place.

Surgery (admittedly been avoiding) seems to be my only option. See you at the next trial albeit as an observer.

Ps- There were other riders that helped move my bike off the course etc, thanks to you guys sorry I do not know your names..

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That sounds painful.  I hope you get it sorted out and are back on the bike in due course.  Sorry you missed out.  Both my boys had shoulder ops as a result of rugby injuries, and it seems the critical factor is allowing the repairs to heal and strengthen fully before doing any sport.

Good luck.

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No problem Martin. Thanks for the kind words. 

I am sorry that we didn't get to the 'sticker - trade' but will do next I see you. I hope your shoulder gets well enough to be able to ride.. it would be a pity to lose someone to injury.

Thanks to the guys who laid out the sections and picked up the flags and boards.. much appreciated. Sorry I could not finish but had to get Martin's car back to him and ourselves back to Gbay.

Kind regards