Good Luck

To all the riders competing in the Nationals this weekend - good luck and keep the rubber side down.

To our up-country visitors:  I hope you enjoy all the Cape has to offer while having a blast at our trials venues.  We are looking forward to having you here.

If there is anything we can do to help with anything, please give us a call or whatsapp (oh ate tree, 309, six ou 7 nein).

kind regards
Charles Oertel

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7 years 4 months

I trust all competitors had as fantastic a time as I did.  Although every muscle is aching and I cannot walk, it is a good feeling.

I will be posting the results and a trial report on this site, along with a link to Picasa with hundreds of photos taken by an amateur photographer who is keen to start riding again.  So watch this space in the next few days.

What struck me the most about the riders was the friendly camaraderie and helpfulness, even those competing for the podium towards spectators in the way, inferior riders or other distractions.  And the observers were so encouraging there were times I was more concerned about letting them down than my own result.

As one rider said:  "What's not to like about two days of solid trials riding?"