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How does one score in trials?

The idea is that the person who puts his foot down (a dab) the least often is the winner.

Dabs (1 point)

  • The basic unit is the dab (one foot down).  Each time either foot is put down is counted as a dab - so putting both feet down is 2 dabs.
  • once a rider has scored 3 dabs on a section, further dabs are not counted (i.e max score per successfully completed section is 3)

Penalties (5 points)

  • if you fall,
  • miss a flag, skip an obstacle or go over the section boundary,
  • cross over your path,
  • get off the bike (i.e. both feet down on the same side of the bike),
  • run back by more than one wheel rotation, or
  • take your hand off the handlebar while you have a foot down

Skipping a section

  • not starting a section will score a 10.
As you can see, it is worth your while to at least attempt every section.  If you are worried about falling, just pedalling through with your feet will score a 3 as opposed to a 5.


If there are no section marshalls (which in the Cape there aren't), it is up to you to record your score for each section.  This is done on a clipboard that is put at the end of each section, with a list of names and columns for each lap.  Put your score for the section in the right column (and write in your name if it is not already there).

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