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John Fulcher Memorial Classic Trial - 14 Oct 2018

2018-10-14 10:00

Venue: Veels Ter Ver Constantia.

An easy course intended for twin shock/classic bikes.  Modern bikes can enter, but not eligible for trophies.

Bring and braai afterwards.  Braai fire will be provided.

Please no one get there before 09h00 - it causes complications with the security guard.

Ask for directions if needed.

Joined: 2016-08-04


I am a beginner trials rider and would like to join some of these events, is this event beginner friendly?  Also some directions please, struggling to locate the venue.




Charles Oertel's picture
Charles Oertel
Joined: 2012-02-12
Perfect for beginners

Hi Hendrew

The trial is ideal for beginners.  The sections are set for the old classic twin-shock bikes, which means they are easier than a modern trial.  Also, you will get to meet most of the riders because this is a very social event.

I will send directions to your email address on this site - if you don't get them, contact me directly on 083 309 6079 and I will send them to wherever you need it.  We don't publish directions because we need to keep the venue private.

Have a look at the FAQ on this site for more information about participating in a trial, so that you know what to expect.  I will happily guide you through the sections.

kind regards

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