Jump the rock

Every day on my way to my little track, I pass a rock that is used to block the tweespoor to cars.  I tried to ride over it once on the dirtbike and ended up in a heap two years ago.

Apparently the technique is to hit it about 2-thirds of the way up with the front wheel (1st blip) and then blip the throttle to get the bike vertical and the back wheel to hop onto the rock (with some jumping motion of the body).

Boy have I tossed and turned trying to assimilate all that in my sleep!  Sadly, I know I can do it, because I have ridden up higher steps on the dirtbike - the only difference being that this rock is pointy at the top and not a step onto a flat surface.

The other day I tried to take it on the lower side at an angle - and very nearly came off after hitting the bashplate at an angle.  I know that a skillful rider like Brian or Michael or almost anybody other than me would be able to blip up and over effortlessly.

Today in a rush of blood to the head I tried again.  Not enough commitment I hit the bashplate, went over and with intermittent clutch and throttle-control had the bike jerking to and fro and gouging a hole into my leg with the footpeg.

The rock drew first blood, and now it was game on.  The next attempt I gave it horns and managed to avoid hitting anything other than the rubber - and I made it (though I am sure it was not pretty).

What have I done?  Now I will be obliged to ride that rock every time I enter and leave my riding space Frown - I have a feeling I may have won the battle today, but that the war will be long and ugly...

All this in preparation for riding over that big log at the start of the path up to the sections on the rocks in Sunday's trial.  I am more worried about that than about the sections themselves Laughing

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After many hours watching the graceful way in which Jordi Pascuet on the Learning Trial DVD rides up steps, with very low speed in first gear, I tackled the rock again.

This time in first gear, I inched toward the rock, and launched myself when the front wheel was about the height of the rock from the rock.  I made sure the front wheel hit the rock about two thirds of the way up the rock and I rode steadily up and over.  No fuss!  Slow and easy.

What helped a lot is the instruction to throw your head back when popping a wheelie.  It translates to 'keep your head up' and ensures your body is upright and over the back wheel instead of hunched over the handlebar.

When I can ride that rock in my sleep and not feel so elated about making it that I have to post on this forum about it, I will tackle that rock from the other (undercut) side.

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Well, it depends on whether you are on a trials bike, an adventure bike, or walking.  On a trials bike it is about 2m high.  Walking, it is about 50cm.  Have a look:


Here is some more:

And this is the log on my path while walking the dogs.  It really looks a lot more daunting from on top of the bike.

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Well done Charles, the rock is a fair size and you are getting it right. Soon you'll be looking for a bigger one. Brian.

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Yesterday I decided to give that rock the coup de grace.  I rode over it from North to South, East to West and the reverse.  Many times.  Gracefully and not so much.  Holding pressure or dropping the front.  Any which-way but loose.

One day, when I grow up, I will be able to call myself a trials rider...