Learn how to wheelie

Whenever I mention that I want to learn to wheelie, the naysayers go on about how reckless/foolish/stupid that is.  Tommyrot!  While wheelieing certainly is cool, the objective is the skills you acquire while learning to do it:


  • throttle, clutch and brake control
  • balance
  • timing and coordination (opening the throttle just as you finish the move that uncompresses the front suspension)
  • being able to loft the front over rocks, logs and holes
  • being able to jump washaways and ditches that surprise you when riding the adventure bike at speed on a dirt road
I have also more than once finished a steep ascent on the back wheel and could bring the front down as a result of (trying to) learn to wheelie.  The essence is the slow wheelie (on the dirtbike in first gear, on the trials bike 3rd gear) - this is not the power-wheelie that we see on the track or at the buff'.
I have just found this video that looks superb:
But the video I started with on the dirtbike is here (actually, I started on my BMW 1150GS, but the cost of failure is just too high so I got the dirtbike).  I found the instructions sensible and reassuring:


Good luck and enjoy.  I have also found it to be good exercise and it certainly beats spending an hour in the gym for fun, excitement and improving your riding.  One rule I do have is to never show off your wheelie skill - especially when there is a camera around - it almost always ends in tears.

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The lawn at the next trial (Bonthuys farm) is just perfect for wheelies - it is plush lawn, with an uphill.  Turns out it is much easier to wheelie going uphill.  And on grass there is a cushion if you overcook it.