Learning Trial DVD

Martin lent me this DVD that he bought recently.  It is in Spanish and English, and you get to choose the language at the beginning.  I found the style and content very pleasing and inspiring:

  • lessons are aimed at all levels, from beginner to expert, though obviously an expert would get less benefit;
  • the visual content and clips, and the accompanying music is motivating;
  • the lessons are well-structured and clear, and cover riding techniques as well as bike maintenance and setup, riding fitness exercises, and extras;
  • the voice-over is pleasant and easy to listen to;

Sometimes, I just play the DVD in the background while I work on the laptop, and pick up snippets about various techniques.

The DVD is about 3 hours long, and the riding lessons cover the following:

  1. The position on the motorbike 
  2. Balance 
  3. Wheel Displacement (hopping the front or back wheel sideways)
  4. Turns
  5. Wheelies and nose-wheelies
  6. Riding slopes
  7. Pivot turns
  8. The three techniques for riding step-ups
  9. Rivers
  10. Steep ascents and descents

If you want to order it online, go here.


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