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My new bike

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Charles Oertel
Joined: 2012-02-12

Picked up Michael's 2012 Beta Evo 300 from him at Zonnebloem last night.  Spent some time riding and getting a feel for the bike:

  • more responsive,
  • a lot more grunt on uphills,
  • easier to wheelie
  • lighter.

Since I haven't ridden for 8 months I was a bit out of practice and went over the bars on one downhill - no harm done.

We had a great ride at Zonnebloem: Ross, Will, Michael and myself.  I rode with Will because the other two are a bit too much for me right now.

Joined: 2012-02-22
Very nice bike?

Well done Charles that bike is definitely the "berries"!

All the best for the 2016 season on your new machine.

I am now also on a Beta and loving it.


Joined: 2012-02-20
Nothing like the first spin

Nothing like the first spin on a new bike   devil

Going over the bars is a rite of passage - the bike is now yours!


Mark Shearer
Joined: 2012-02-22
Hey?!  Looks good Charles..

Hey?!  Looks good Charles.. Mike has always maintained that that model/year was one of the best.. I am thrilled you are back riding.. Just shout if you want to come and and ride with us in Gbay.. we are up for it anytime..


Mark Shearer

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