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As some of you may know I have relocated to the Natal North Coast that is the reason I did not ride the 2015 season. It's a pity I missed the season as the Intermediate class looked very competitive and my riding coming off the 2014 season had improved a lot.

I especially miss the classic Trials riding and always looked forward to riding the John Fulcher memorial trial in Constantia. Thinking about it now I have ridden the past 3 and each time on a different twin shock which I had partially restored.

I have bought a Beta 250 which I am really enjoying (ok Charles you can comment now about the number of bikes I have had in one season!! smiley) but....I am battling to find venues and even another Trials rider never mind a club.

I am thinking of starting a similar website to Cape Trials for Natal enthusiasts hoping to connect riders and venues together and eventually start a small informal club. 

I have prepared a short brochure on Trials riding which I have given out to a few land owners...waiting on the response. Yesterday I found an area near Salt Rock with the help of a backactor I will be able to move some boulders, concrete pipes and a few large wooden cable reels I spotted nearby to make up some sections.

So this is an appeal to anybody in Natal, non-riders, riders or land owners to please PM me with your details.

To all Cape Trials riders you guys are really privileged to have a club with so many enthusiastic members as well as amazing venues.



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I remember George saying how dismal the trials scene in KZN is.  Perhaps you can ride with him?

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Hi Martin, Its good to hear from you. I had no idea where you were. Its sad that there is no trials activity in Natal, especially as it was once a very well supported area. Your comments about our scene are much appreciated and should make us all appreciate what we have. The Nomads trials section has been going for 44years and is still going strong. I hope you find some other riders and can start up something. There must be plenty of bikes languishing in garages there.