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Just a quick introduction.  I have been following the trails thread on Wilddog forum for a while and want to get into trails.  I am currently looking for a starter bike and will ask questions as I go along.

I hope to meet some of you soon.




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Welcome to the site and to trials.  We usually get to together for some riding on a Thursday evening at Zonnebloem school.  Announcement of rides is on a Whatsapp group managed by Michael Krause 072 290 5410

Our last trial for the year will be on the 4th weekend of October.

kind regards
Charles Oertel

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Also new - bike arriving this week. Looking forward to learning some new skills! I'll be down Thursday to spectate. 



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I am in the research phase at the moment and will come to the school one day to check you guys out.

I tried cross-training on my old IT200 and my WR, but they are just too heavy.

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As per Katana also following with interest as i always had great admiration --currently in the research phase getting a ugly DT175 ready for some training- hope to watch you guys at the next get together