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Nomads Trial - April 9th - Zonnebloem

2017-04-09 10:00

This month's Nomads Trial is at Zonnebloem this coming Sunday (9th Apr).  Setup on the morning of Saturday 8th April (i.e. please come help if you can).

  • Cost: R50 per competitor (the money goes to the school).
  • Arrive from 9am for a 10am start.
  • Finish around 1pm.
  • If you are new to the sport, the FAQ may be useful.

Electric Trial for Youngsters

As before, we will be holding an Oset / Electric mini-trial for youngsters.  The trial will take place on the main course with the seniors, during their first lap.  On four of the main sections will be an electric line that is suited to youngsters.  This will allow them to ride with us, under supervision of everybody and their parent(s). They will also get to see us ride and be a part of the action.

For Beginners - what to expect:

  • Arrive before 9:30am, we have a riders' briefing just before 10am and start at 10am.
  • There are 8 sections (they are short), and we will ride 4 laps through them.  The beginners' line is called "clubman", and is set so that it is safe and does not require commitment.
  • The first lap is done together, because we all walk the section before riding it.  During the walk we explain the various lines and options, adjust obstacles if they are too difficult or dangerous, and plan our strategies.
  • At the end of each section is a sheet where you will enter your score.  We will explain scoring during the riders' briefing.
  • This is not a race - between laps you can have a break, drink some water, or ask for help/advice.
  • You will need a helmet, gloves, pants and boots.  A t-shirt is fine, though elbow-guards and knee-guards if you have them are a good idea.  One or two people wear body armour.
  • Most riders wear a camelbak.  One that has a strap around the waist is best.  I freeze mine the night before so that I have ice water.  Leave some space in the sack for the ice to expand as it freezes or you will end up with a burst.
  • Bring refreshments and something to eat.  Sun lotion.

Location - Zonnebloem School:

Quick link

  • N2: direction town, lower freeway after hospital bend.
  • Exit 2 - Searle Str (the next one after the Garden Court Hotel on the left)
  • Turn right onto Searle St
  • Turn left onto Keizersgracht 15m
  • ´╗┐´╗┐Turn right onto Hill St 46m
  • Hill St turns left and becomes Cambridge St 28m
  • Turn right at white brick entrance: Zonnebloem College Estate. -33.933969,18.439859
  • Enter parking area, turn right, then left into next parking area. -33.934530, 18.438271

Look forward to seeing you there.

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