Nomads Trial Report - Constantia 20th May 2012

Wow, what a trial!  The day started cold and wet, and we had a total of 9 riders:

  • Michael
  • Brian
  • Zander
  • Jorge
  • Trevor
  • Craig
  • Dylan
  • Ruhan, and
  • myself

There were two newcomers - Ruhan from Langebaan, and Kyle who is in the market for a bike.  I rode with Ruhan and together we got through.  The baboons were in the trees and quite vocal.  Julie walked up the path to take some pictures.


When we set Section 2 it was dry, and quite doable.  After our first attempt at the Clubman line on lap 1, we decided to remove some of the turns to allow a straighter run up the treacherous climb.  My first attempt was a fiasco - today was going to be a long day!



Section 4 started with a steep slippery descent.  On my first attempt I was lucky to make it clean - but on subsequent attempts things went pear-shaped and it was all I could do to not end up in a heap at the bottom.

Section 8 I just could not get the hang of - a sharp off-camber turn starting a slippery ascent over a slippery log then a sharp turn where the front wheel ends up sliding along a root.

To top it all, just as I was about to start section 2 on the third lap, my bike cut out and would not start.  Since this is my first two-stroke, I had no idea whether it might be a fouled plug or something else.  Once I had elimiated the other obvious possiblities, I decided I had to push the bike back to the car and install the new plug.  This I did (easier said than done in that forest), and the difference was electric.  With the new plug the bike started first time.  In future I will carry a spare plug and spanner.

Ruhan's bike fan was not working and he had to stop to let it cool down all the time.  In the middle of the last section on the last lap the bike overheated and he ended up pushing it out.  He had come with his father Fanie and son Tristan and enjjoyed it so much he vowed to come back.

Ruhan and I as a result of our engine troubles finished stone last and rode the last few sections without markers.  To crown the day, on the way out I jumped over the big log that I usually rode around.

A great day.  Thanks Brian and others who set this up, put out the markers and tidied up afterwards. 

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This was awesome. I am officially converted. Always thought that i would still get a YZ250 but this WILL not happen!! Not anymore.

The trials was an eye opener and a seriously good workout for an unfit desk junkie.

Thanks for all the help and pointers from everyone on Sunday. But mainly to Charles.

I will see you at the next venue.




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I thoroughly enjoyed this trial, and that seemed to be everyone else's sentiment. All the expert sections were cleaned at some stage and probably all were fived at some stage too. I had more fives than I'm used to but it didn't matter as the trial was so good. Sections three and five took the most marks off the experts: the first probably because of its length and the latter because of the muddy turn at the beginning.The two sections in the river were really good and a clean on these two was very satisfying. The ride between sections was a load of fun. Thanks to everyone for helping clean up afterwards, and to the land owner for the use of the venue.