Nomads Zonnebloem Trial

The sections are cleared and ready for the first Nomads trial of the year - to be held at Zonnebloem College.  

For those who have not been there - Zonnebloem is a school, which means the sections are close together and great for spectators.  For those who were there last time - we have opened up 5 new sections - all around the bottom field.  The sections for this trial will all be around the bottom field - we will not be riding at the top field.

On Saturday Michael, Earl, Brian, and 'Doctor' cleared a thorn bush and Port Jackson from behind the fibrecrete wall at the bottom of the field to create two really interesting sections.  The clubman line is technical but safe and easily cleanable - during a trial run I soon had the better of it.

Earl and Michael have also been working on some nice lines at the top of the field.  Basically an ascent along a winding grassy path with low traction requiring delicate control, and a steep descent with some twists.

For beginners - here is a short description of what to expect/bring/do.

Here is a video of some practice we have had at the venue - just to whet your appetite:

Hope to see you all there.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to post on this forum, or contact Brian, Michael or myself.