Section Setup and Practice :: Kuilsrivier :: Sun 4th Sep

Next trial Sunday 11th September at Welgelegen Farm (Bonthuys) Kuilsriver.

Set up this Sunday 4th September. The idea is to set the sections quickly and then do some practice.

All invited to help set the sections. R50 payable to the farmer for practice.


From Stellenbosch side ride 2km on bottelary road.  Turn left at J.Bonthuys Welgelegen farm (small dirt road through vineyard). Continue to T junction, turn left. At barn turn left and about 150m further a staggered intersection turn right into an open area next to a forest.  This is the spot.

From Cape Town:

  • N1 and turn off at Kraaifontein.  Turn right to cross over the N1 at the top of the offramp.
  • Drive all the way straight through Kraaifontein and two circles until you reach Bottelary road.
  • Turn left and ride about 2km to a right-turn onto a gravel road to Klipheuwel.
  • Drive about 3km straight until you reach Welgelegen farm gate.
  • Turn left past the barn, 150m to a staggered intersection.  Turn right and stop.

Scrutineering at the Nationals

Here are the rules that will be applied.  Please note the requirement for unbroken brake and clutch levers with ball-ends...


The verification of the machine will take place on the site of the meeting. On request of the Technical Steward (Scrutineer), the rider must present themselves to the technical validation.

There is no restriction on the make or type of motorcycle entered except that:

  1. At all times during the event the rider will be responsible for keeping his machine in conformity to the rules.

  2. An effective silencer complying with the General Competition Rules, in respect to noise levels, is to be fitted.

  3. The width of handlebars is: not less than 600mm and not more than 850mm.

  4. All handlebar levers (clutch, brake, etc.) must be in principle ball ended (diameter of this ball to be at least 16mm). These ends must be permanently fixed and form and integral part of the lever.

  5. Exposed handlebar ends must be plugged with a solid material or rubber covered.

  6. Throttle control must be self-closing when not held by hand.

  7. Footrests may be of a folding type but in this case must be fitted with a device which automatically returns them to the normal position.


  1. All motorcycles must have at least 2 efficient brakes (one on each wheel) operated independently.

  2. Only standard trials tyres normally available from commercial and retail sources are permitted. The overall width of the tyre when fitted must not exceed 115mm.

  3. Competition number must be clearly displayed and must not be less that 100mm in height with a stroke width of not less that 10mm. Organisers of the first National event of the year are to allocate numbers for all riders. Masters’ numbers to be determined by the order placing at the end of the previous year.

  4. All riders shall be obliged to wear any riding bib supplied by the event organiser.


The document is downloadable from the website here.