Section setup: Zonnebloem this saturday

Thanks to the wonderful turnout last Sunday, all that remains is to put in the flags for the sections for Sunday.  Being a school we can only mark the sections on the weekend of the trial (other places we can leave the flags in from the cleanup the week before).

Michael, Earl and I will be marking the sections from 7am to 10am on Saturday.  If you would like to come along and try the sections, and/or help a bit, and/or just ride a bit you are welcome to attend.  Being an early start you can get in your ride AND still mow the lawn at home.Wink

Since this is a fun trial we are not restricting access to the sections before the trial.  As always, your input and feedback on the section lines is welcome.

Personally, I will be seeing whether the experts line is doable for me, and will decide whether to ride clubmans or experts or a mixture.

Trial Reminder

If you have any magazines, DVDs or other trial media lying around at home, how about bringing it along and swapping/sharing with others at the trial?  Brian usually brings some UK rags that are great fun to read, and I bring my old Enduro World magazines to give away. 

I will also have some copies of Trial training DVDs to share for a small reimbursement for those who need.