Toni Bou Trials Technique of Riding DVD

The DVD has arrived.  I went through it like a man possessed, since my bike is in pieces, and I am getting withdrawal and the shakes...

Here is my impression:

Review of Toni Bou Trials Technique of Riding DVD

In short - I was disappointed.  This is a fair DVD if all you want to do is see some clips of Toni Bou in action.  If you are hoping to learn any trials techniques, other than what you might spot by watching Toni Bou, you will be disappointed.

The Ryan Young DVD (Trials techniques and training) is far more educational and useful for learning, and the Jordi Tarres DVD (Learning Trial) is more professionally produced, with much better music and more substance and content (3 hours as opposed to under 90 minutes).

DVD Contents

The DVD has 4 languages, so you enter it via your choice of language.  You get a menu that lets you choose between:


  • Play - from beginning to end through the lessons, starting with flat turns, and ending with back-wheel hops.
  • Chapters - a page where you can choose which lesson to view.  I seems to have a bug, in that selecting a chapter causes it to play in spanish, even though you entered through the english option.
  • Bonus - a collection of small clips, including the trailer, some out-takes during production, an interview with Toni Bou (in Spanish with subtitles), and a short bit of freestyle riding.


The filming shows Toni Bou from all angles, with several slo-mo shots.  You get to see exactly what he is doing, the same thing over and over from all perspectives.  After watching this you just want to get on your bike and do a lamb-jump right there.

Some techniques have overlays to show what you need to do with your body (like a 'V' in your legs when executing a flat turn).

At the end of each chapter Toni Bou gives his personal advice for each lesson (Spanish with subtitles).



  • Too short.  When the lessons ended my first response was "Is that all? - Not worth R300."  I went hunting for more in the menu and found only 5 more clips in the bonus menu, of which one was a trailer of the DVD.
  • Lessons not clear.  This will not suit a beginner at all, and I did not sense there was enough instruction content to improve an advanced rider (other than being able to watch Toni Bou ride and try to emulate him).
  • Poor translation.  The English was almost a literal translation of Spanish.  For example, instead of talking about the 'bike', they talk about the 'machine'.  Other sentences had awkwark grammar, and there were spelling and grammatical errors in text.
  • Unprofessional Production.  There are numerous production errors in the DVD - from the wrong language in the chapter selection, to subtitles that go off too quickly to read, to subtitles that stay on through several scenes.
Do not buy - it is not worth the money for a South African.  However, if you want to borrow it, I have a copy that I will not be using that much.  The trailer is better than the real thing.