Trial Magazine

I was given some Trial Magazine copies on loan from Brian.  The magazine comes out every two months in the UK, and is a great read.  So I wanted to subscribe.

Without shipping, you are looking at about R500 a year for 6 magazines.  I didn't get a response from them regarding postage to South Africa.

But then I did notice something:  the magazine is available on PC or mobile for download!  You can buy each issue for $6, or 4 pounds.  Yes, not as great as holding the paper magazine in your paws, but then you also don't end up with a pile of old mags in your attic.  No shipping fees, and no environmental damage.

Go to, or install the PressReader app on your phone.  Do not choose the "$25 for all issues" option - I suspect it is $25 per month to view all publications on PressReader (not all future issues of Trial Magazine).