Trial Results - Welgelegen 9 July 2017

Ride Report

8 riders pitched on a bitterly cold morning with horizontal rain.  We decided to keep things streamlined and did not go out separately to put out the start and end boards and mark sheets - we carried them with us and did them when we walked through each section.

The sections were not just wet - they were soaked.  The ones in gullies were mudbaths.

We started with 3 sections in the forest.  The first was straight up the big rock all the way to the top of the path.  This is a section I have never been able to clean (or even do better than a 3), even when we only did one half of it at a time.  Well, after a 5 on the first lap, and a 3 on the second, I managed a clean on the third and was thrilled.

Section 2 was at the top of the forest and meandered  through some rocks.  I cleaned it on the first lap and on the last one, but threed it twice also.  The liason to section 3 involved a gnarly downhill that was rutted and rocky and slippery.  I nearly lost it there a few times.

Section 3 was an easy, cleanable section, and yet I fived it on the first lap and only cleaned it once subsequently.

Section 4 was a new one, in the gully near the 4x4 campsite.  It started with a deeply rutted, muddy and steep descent into the gulley.  As the laps progressed the rut got worse, and on lap 3 Brian started a new line to the right of the rut.  On lap 4 I decided to try the new line, but my worst fears were realised - my front wheel fell into the old rut and I ended up in a heap at the bottom for a 5 instead of the 1 or 2 I was hoping to get with the new line.

Predictably, the exit from section 4 back onto the road was also steep and slippery, and I lost it there twice.  The second time was on my last lap and I had to call for help to get my bike out of the bushes and out of the gully.  Thanks for coming to my rescue Sean.

Section 5 was the reverse of a familiar old saw in the gully near the car park.  Perfectly cleanable bar one lap when I had to dab.  The exit was a tricky turn up a slippery slope (aren't they all?), but with careful power delivery at the right time quite doable.

Section 6 was in the farm implements at the car park, again the reverse of a previous section.  On lap one I went the wrong way around a flag for a 5, but thought I was going to clean it when I failed the last obstacle for a 5 anyway.

Section 7 was next to the dam, on the slope.  It started with a ditch that I managed to fall into for a 5 on the first lap.  Subsequent laps went better but no cleans.

Section 8 started with a jump over a ditch and ended with some awkward logs.  The two clubmen managed to skirt the worst of the ditch, but faltered at the log.  I got 3 cleans on that section, and fell over the handlebars on the log for a five on one lap.

All in all the trial was a lot of fun and we learned some new skills dealing with no traction, rain and cold.


Masters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Position
Michael Krause 9 5 4 5 3 6 8 1 41 1
Brian Barson 8 1 10 7 4 3 4 3 40 1
Sean 10 6 12 12 6 4 11 2 63 2
Steve 12 10 0 18 15 12 9 6 82 1
Mark Shearer 14 12 0 16 12 9 10 16 89 2
Kobus                   DNF
Shaun Matthews 7 8 3 7 1 9 11 7 53 1
Charles Oertel 11 6 10 14 1 8 15 5 70 2