Trial Setup this Sunday 11 May :: Bases Farm, Wellington (venue change)

Last minute denial of permission to ride at the quarry means we are having the trial in Wellington at Bases Farm (the owner, Russell, is an enduro rider).

We are setting up this Sunday, 11th May, from 9am.  Please come help if you can - we are still short of some of our regular setter uppers, and the venue has not been ridden in over a year.

There is superb variety and the sections are scenic and interesting.  Bring gardening kit, bikes, saws etc.

Directions to Bases Farm


View To Bases Farm in Wellington in a larger map

  1. Take the N1 from Cape Town towards Paarl.
  2. Take Exit 59 onto the R301.
  3. Stay on the R301 for 10,7km then turn right into Bo Dal Road. Wellington Primary School is on the left.
  4. Stay on Bo Dal Road for 1.2 Km then turn left onto a gravel Road. One of the signs points to "Blue Bell Glen".
  5. Stay on this road for approximately 2,2km until the end which is where the trial will be. The road goes past Imbuko Wines.

As an alternative, to avoid riding through Paarl and the suburbs on the R301, in point 2 above if coming from Cape Town:

  1. take the Klapmuts turnoff (R44) and ride all the way to Wellington where you
  2. turn right onto the R301 to Paarl.
  3. Then turn left into Bodal road.

The distance is about the same, but the R44 has a speed limit of 100km/hr and few stops.

It's about an hour's drive from Cape Town. Be careful of speed traps.

R50 per rider for the farmer.

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7 years

Many thanks to Murray and Dion for organizing this, and to Mark for coming along to help set the sections.  I believe we have set an interesting and entertaining trial - bearing in mind that not one of the four of us has ridden any expert sections at Bases farm before.

There are some variations on the old standard sections that have been set there before (as far as we could remember).  There is also a totally new section that will be a popular spectator point (section 8 in the descriptions below).

The ram

Murray and I were the first there.  While I was walking in the field, a ram that I had stroked earlier decided to charge me from behind.  It was quite aggressive and eventually Murray and I ended up on the backs of our bakkies with this vicious sheep patrolling the waters below.

Eventually it took off and we started marking the first section.  Then it came back, and charged.  We had to dash for the rocks and climb out of reach.  Nothing could budge this creature - it is immune to a solid whack on the head, and was not afraid of our being taller or louder or anything.

We found a strategy that worked - threw stones towards it and this eventually chased it away.

While I was telling Dion and Timmy about our encounter, the ram snuck up on us and suddenly Timmy cried "Daddy, daddy, pick me up".  Dion whisked Timmy to the safety of the bakkie and I managed to dodge the miscreant and grab some stones to chase it away.  This time the stones had a lasting effect and we did not see it for the rest of the day.

Anne, Russell's partner, later told me the ram was dangerous and a pest.  Being "free-range" there is no enclosure to keep it away.  On the other hand, sometimes it just wants a scratch under the ear...


Russell grows olives.  Unfortunately, due to cheap imports it is not worth his while to harvest the current crop.  So they are on the tree and fallen to the ground.  Untreated olives are not nice to eat (I know), but, after lying on the ground for about 4 months it has leached and fermented and is quite delicious.  I picked up a few wrinklies between the trees and they were delicious.

The Sections

The "Electric" sections look great.  Remember to come early to watch (9:30am start).

The first senior section is the old standard just above the cars, that finishes with a jump through the fork of a tree.  Section 2 the one immediately above that, and Section 3 a bit further up (the usual culprits). 
Section 3 is the one that ended with a climb over loose rocks.

Since none of us had ever ridden experts on the farm, we basically set experts to be what would be a stretch for us mostly, and threw in stuff for Michael that to us seemed ridiculous...

Sections 4 and 5 are in the bluegum forest, variations of the sections we have had there before (4 is particularly long).

Section 6 is the one furthest downriver, that goes down the concrete sloot and ends with a steep climb next to the big tree.  It is now a bit longer, with lovely winding riding for clubmen and a new steep climb for experts and masters.

Section 7 is the other old standard that goes into the river and exits with a steep climb.

Section 8 is new, a bit upstream from 7.  It starts with a steep descent, enters the river (which is hard sand at this point), climbs out where the river goes under the road, re-enters the river (where experts traverse a few pipes, and masters have some enormous logs to negotiate).  Clubmen ride in the river under a log, and the rest climb the other bank.  It will be excellent for spectators, being in the shade and close to the cars.

This trial will be another cracker.