Trials in Brisbane

Don't ask how but I"m now in Brisbane and have watched a few trials up here. I've bought a "one trial only" 2013 gasser for a song (bikes here are really cheap and not moving from the shops at all well).

i've been out to watch several trials, two club events and one regional. There are 5 (yes 5) trials clubs in Brisbane alone. Club trials will draw an entry of 40-60 whereas a regional will draw over 100 entries. Trials seem to run seperate sectios for the twinshocks and that class is well supported with some real crackers out being ridden. I've seen an M10 Bultaco as well as a M199B (Brian should know what I'm talking about).

The riding here is fantastic. Not at all what you'd expect and the whole area is very beautiful.

View from hill at the venue near Canungra

Some vids: 

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Is that you riding in the videos Tim?  Thanks for putting them up - the riding is inspiring.

I am envious of the low prices of bikes there - over here riding is becoming more and more of a luxury.

Please send us more updates and videos of what is happening in Brisbane when you can.



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Nah Charles, I'm afraid it's not. It's a guy called Boyd Wilcox. Take a note of his helmet. He's ridden for Aus in the TdN.