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Charles Oertel
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This website is the business

Despite having the 'Learning Trial' DVD, I find the instruction and tips on this site more doable for novices.  A simple example is the hopping the front wheel exercise:


  • In 'Learning Trial' you get taught how to use the engine and clutch to get the back wheel to help you lift the front wheel.  Very difficult.
  • On this site they say that although this is what the experts do (because they can), by the time you have learnt the necessary coordination you could be doing the hops the standard way and learning the technique.  They advise starting with small hops.
As a result of this advice, I can now do more than one hop at a time, and am rapidly learning to balance while hopping, and am getting fitter, and can practice this in the garage while it is raining.
You will find the same for many other exercises.  The 'Learning Trial' DVD is great, beautiful to watch, but probably more suitable for experts than clubmen. however is the right place to start when you are a novice.

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