Trials Training Techniques and Cross Training Tools - Ryan Young (DVD)

I have just watched this DVD borrowed from Michael.  An excellent learning tool for novices.

The DVD is not as professionally done as the Jordi Tarres one (Learning Trial) I reviewed a few months ago.  It was recorded a few years ago and the DVD production techniques are old-school.

However, it is much more professional than the other DVD I had borrowed from Michael (Trials Training with the Champs).  Ryan Young is an excellent teacher and his lessons are clear.  I learnt 4 things in the first four lessons covering the basics.

The DVD sound quality is very good.  Ryan wears a microphone while he rides, so that he can describe his actions while he is demonstrating, and you can also hear what he is doing with the throttle throughout the lessons.

You notice this in particular when you watch a DVD where this attention to detail is missing (Trials Training with the Champs) - many lessons and tips are lost to wind noise, and many demo clips are totally quiet so you have no idea what they are doing.

This DVD is definitely the one to start with.  The Jordi Tarres one is a bit too advanced, and Jordi is not as good as Ryan in conveying the important aspects of a technique to a novice.

I could not find any 'cross-training techniques' on the DVD - in this regard the 'Learning Trial' DVD was better with fitness tips and techniques.

You can buy this DVD online here.

Now if only it wasn't storming all weekend - I cannot wait to try a few new things.

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