Where to get 2T Oil and spark plugs

What a mission to get Castrol Synthetic Racing 2T Oil!  Now that my local bike shop is focussing only on BMW bikes, they don't stock the oil or the plugs.

Where do you guys get your  oil and plugs?

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I had an issue with my bike "fouling" the plug after 10 hrs of riding.

I got hold of this guy called Mitch at NGK and he helped me get the right plug for slower riding etc.. Here is his address mitchellw@ngkntk.co.za


He can also put you in touch with the right stockist down here and I was able to pick up a box of plugs from Midas in Voortrekker Street

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I managed to get some NGK B7ES from Midas in Tokai.  But my bikes spec is for BR7ES (which they didn't have).

The 'R' is for 'resistor', but the plug Michael uses in that bike is also the B7ES, so I figure it will be OK. 

What plug are you using?

Anyway, my immediate concern is where to get the Castrol Racing two-stroke oil.  Tomorrow I am trying TracMac in Wynberg and Suzuki South.

I need it because Julie is letting me bring the bike to her parent's house in Plett cheeky and I don't want to be stranded without spares.

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Has the Castrol Power Racing 2T oil at R120 per litre.

They also have the NGK B7ES.

I am a happy camper...