Zonnebloem Fun Trial Cleanup

We are preparing sections and cleaning up at Zonnebloem.

Come early to avoid the heat of the day.

A cleanup session is a great way to learn about setting sections, and a preview of what the trial will involve, so come along.  Typically we get to ride also, so it is a practice with some work thrown in.

Bring gardening tools (but don't let your wife see - you will get it in the neck about never doing anything around the house).  Typically:

  • loppers, pruning saw, and/or chainsaw if you have one (for trimming branches and removing poky bits that might hurt someone)
  • panga (for lopping off bits from trees)
  • petrol weedeater if you have one (cleaning up long grass)
  • tough gardening gloves (to avoid ruining your riding gloves like I have)
  • Water, snacks etc to keep you going
  • Bike and riding kit to test sections, have a bit of fun etc.

Will be finished by lunch time at the latest.