Zonnebloem Rocks!

Yesterday we had a wonderful crowd riding at Zonnebloem.  There were 11 riders (2 Osets), the weather was superb, and the venue its usual greatness.

It was fun to watch the kids playing - two local youngsters joined Timmy and Elle in an impromptu game of soccer on the field, while the rest of us rode the various obstacles around the field, or just rested and chatted.

My shoulder recovery and learning the new bike is progressing.  Every Thursday I find myself trying a new level of obstacle (this time it was steep ascents and descents).

The 300cc is incredible - it seems one just has to think about riding up something and the bike has done it.  I was following Dan and Dion on a little ride-around, and Dan elected to ride up a gnarly steep section that I had decided I probably wouldn't ever ride.  I didn't realise I was in 4th gear, and I barely noticed the ascent as the Beta flew up it.

Next Thursday is the last Zonnebloem session this year - why not come along and enjoy it.

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Zonnebloem locks its gates this weekend.  Our last practice session there is this Thursday 10th Dec.

The weather will be sunny with a light westerly (i.e. cool wind off the sea).  It is going to be a cracker!

See you all there.