Zonnebloem School

This is not an open venue.  Riding here is only permitted if:

  1. You are accompanied by either Michael Krause, Will, Murray, Brian or myself.
  2. We meet and ride here every Thursday from 16h30 if you want to pitch up to see what it's about or practice or learn something.
  3. You pay R50 per bike.
  4. You obtain permission from Michael or Will if you want to ride anytime other than Thursday evening.

Venue Rules:

  1. Trials bikes only - nothing else.
  2. Do not ride on the top fields,
  3. Do not ride too close to the school buildings,
  4. Watch out for children and be respectful of others.


Quick link http://goo.gl/maps/oYqSi



  1. N2: direction Hospital bend/Claremont
  2. Exit 2
  3. Head east on Exit 2 toward Searle St 140m
  4. Turn right onto Searle St 450m
  5. Turn left onto Keizersgracht 15m
  6. Turn right onto Hill St 46m
  7. Hill St turns left and becomes Cambridge St 28m
  8. Turn right at white brick entrance: Zonnebloem College Estate. -33.933969,18.439859
  9. Enter parking area, turn right, then left into next parking area. -33.934530, 18.438271 (see pic: parking area trial)

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Funny one this. Chris Hart and I used to ride behind the school in the early eighties. How the wheel turns!

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Son writing exams, wife off to art - I have no transport.  Sorry guys.  Have fun anyway.

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Would love to come to zone poem tomorrow, but my car has broken and I cannot tow bike to venue. Anyone near durbanville who could give us a lift?

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If you can't come right this week - we meet there every week.  Dion Graham is from Durbanville and a regular at Zonnebloem, but work has interfered and he often cannot make it.

In mid-winter the trip out to Zonnebloem and the R50 is almost not worth it, since it gets dark early.  But I go regardless, because every time I learn something new.  Last week it was just Michael Krause and I, and we got to ride for about an hour.