Xtreme Sporting Weekend in Hermanus Report

This is a short story about this past weekend in

Getting up early on Saturday morning morning was
the first trial of the day.. after conquering that little hurdle, it was
downhill from there.. We met up with Mike on the edge of the old
harbour and got our bikes off the trucks and trailers. Dion, Timmy and Sharon
arrived to swell the numbers so we had one person from just about every echelon
of trials.

It was a good thing for parents and children to see that this was a
family sport and, even though Mike proceeded to blow their collective brains
out, it was something that could be enjoyed by the whole family. Here is the gang getting ready for the day..

Here are the 3 of us playing in the town

At about 10:30 we were given the go-ahead to go down into the Old Harbour and do our thing..

Here are some shots that Mary-Ann managed to take with the iphone facing the right way.

Here is yours truly coming out of the water.. (not sure it thrilled the crowds who were 100m away but it was a lot of fun riding in the sea!!)

Stephen, buoyed by his recent success at the Nationals (5th&6th), pulled out all the stops in the Walker Bay Xtreme Sports Weekend in Hermanus. Here he is riding the wall.

and on the rocks..

and finally, Mike doing a huge jump for the crowds...


So, all-in-all, we had a lot of fun and were glad we had got up early in the morning.. so much so that we are going to do it next year and be more organised and try and get paid.. or at least Mike can.


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Nice video Mark.  Sorry I missed it.  Next year I will be riding again, and will be there.

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Well done to everyone for taking part. It looks like Steve is really riding well. I'm glad it turned out well after all.