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John Fulcher Memorial Trial

2017-10-15 09:00

This trial is held at 'Veels te Ver' in the Constantia Valley, on the slopes of the mountain in a forest.  It is set for classic twin-shock trials bikes, with a clubman and an experts line.  Only twinshocks can win trophies, but modern bikes may also compete in their own class.

This trial is great for those just starting, as the twinshock lines are a little easier than the modern ones.

The trial is followed by a braai and a little social and marks the end of the season in the Cape.  Come along for a fun day in a lovely setting.

How does one score in trials?

The idea is that the person who puts his foot down (a dab) the least often is the winner.

Dabs (1 point)

Isn't Trials Dangerous?

Due to the slow speeds and grading of sections, trials is quite safe.  That is why we ride in t-shirts and open-face helmets.

Every competition or practice involves riding sections that are graded for the skill-level of the rider.  There are three basic skill levels, though in some regions there are intermediate levels between them:


What is "Trials"

Trials (also knowns as "footup trials"), is a motorcycle riding discipline where riders attempt to ride a short, technically challenging course without putting their feet on the ground.

Competitions involve riding several short, marked "sections" and tallying the number of times each rider puts their foot down ("dabs").  The sections are marked such that beginners have easier obstacles that require less skill and commitment, while experts need to ride more advanced lines.

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